We go the extra mile – so you stay one step ahead


In an increasingly competitive world, the success of your business depends on the quality and commitment of your people.

That’s why, when it comes to sourcing candidates, our approach is thorough and challenging. By carrying out precision advertising, targeted referral incentives and attending employment fairs across the UK, we bring together and represent the best candidates across all sectors.

Of course, to find the right candidate for your vacancy, it is vital that we understand your company – from your business culture and day-to-day operations to your long-term strategic goals. That’s why we assign a dedicated Aligra account manager, who will work closely with you to ensure you find the most appropriate, high calibre candidate for the job.


What can Aligra offer your company?

  • Innovative pricing and cost control
    Our pricing schedule can be fully tailored, saving you costs without compromising on value.
  • High% fulfilment of all contracts
    Thanks to our ‘Whatever it takes’ philosophy, we have an exceptionally high fulfilment rate.
  • We’ll help you stay legally compliant
    We can advise you on everything from the Agency Workers Regulations to the upcoming pensions enrolment. As corporate members of the REC (Recruitment and Employment Confederation), we are monitored to ensure we adhere to the code of conduct and employment law – and have regular audits to guarantee our procedures and processes are in line with current legislation. To give you extra peace of mind, we also have ISO9001 status. 
  • GLAA Licenced
  • We offer tailored account management systems
  • To help manage your account efficiently, our unique system gives you timely, relevant and valued information on everything from fulfilment to costings.

Professional & Executive

We know that in a global marketplace, talent can come from almost anywhere. So in the professional and executive sector we cast our net far and wide to find the best local, national and international candidates for the UK and UAE market.

We seek out experts in sales, marketing, financial services, technology, and the oil and gas industry. And we collaborate with clients to fine-tune our service and make sure they get the right people, whether it’s a skilled team of rig workers or a new company director.

At the same time, we work closely with candidates to help them develop their career, providing job matching, interview coaching and CV support. We’re dedicated to helping candidates ­– and clients – reach their full potential.

Automotive & Engineering

Aligra are uniquely positioned to offer its Automotive and Engineering clients a first-hand work shop recruitment service, due to members of our senior team previously having worked and qualified in this area. We have found in the past our clients suffer from spending valuable time and money offering candidate who look good on paper, yet do not have the practical, hands on skills. Aligra are able to screen candidates, using industry competency based questioning, which will always remove this risk and as an added bonus, offer clients a candidate on a free trial or skills test prior to offer if needed.

Industrial: Where experience counts

The industrial and warehousing sectors are fast-paced, competitive and constantly evolving to meet new challenges and rising costs. 

We have years of experience working with a number of high profile clients in this sector, and so fully understand the challenges you face.

We have placed hundreds of workers into assignments throughout the UK – on temporary, permanent and contract-based positions. Our expertise covers a range of industries, including distribution and warehouse, general manufacturing, electronic and automotive, and local authorities.

Transport and Logistics: the root of success

 We have a wealth of industry experience in the transport and logistics sector, understanding the challenges faced by both clients and candidates. It means we can offer an exceptional service – comfortably within budget.

Working with you, we can help to reduce MPG and wastage, manage infringements, and improve safety. What’s more, we can plan for peak periods and show how to promote greener driving.

OnSite: Stronger, together

For our transport and logistic clients, we offer an on-site, fully account-managed service.

By working in partnership, we can help increase productivity, improve overall staff performance and reduce the administrative burden.

It’s a business model that has proved successful time and again. Taking a consultative approach, we are also able to reduce labour costs as well as consolidate and manage staffing vendors.

Master Vendor: harness our expertise

Temporary roles can be difficult to manage and fulfil – which has a knock-on effect on costs. That’s why we offer a fully managed outsourcing service, designed to handle all operational recruitment as well as the on-going supervision of temporary workers.

The benefits of using Aligra include: 

  • Direct cost savings and increased staff retention
  • Assurance of supply, particularly during peak and/or seasonal periods
  • Management of second tier and/or panel suppliers
  • Full recruitment advertising
  • Consolidated invoicing – which leads to clear costing and budgeting, and makes planning easier
  • Managers are free to focus on critical project work


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