As branch manager of Swindon based recruitment company Aligra, Shaun Jones has a wealth of experience when it comes to employing staff, but despite many years working within the field he has never employed a Ghost Orb - that is until the early hours of Sunday morning.

Aligra was founded in 2007 by local businessman, Mark Neilson and Don Bryden. The company has successfully grown to become one of Swindon’s leading recruitment agencies. People have always been the most important part of the business, a recipe that has become an important part of the company's success, but it seems that supernatural forces are feeling a little left out and are also anxious to join the team!

Shaun first became aware of his potential new employee at 03.16am on Sunday morning - probably not the ideal time to apply for a job, but this Orb was certainly keen to make an impression. He said:“An internal sensor on our CCTV alerted me to movement in the office during the early hours of Sunday morning, which I thought was peculiar.

“When I examined the CCTV footage I was somewhat puzzled by what I found. I have never seen anything like it before.

You can watch the live footage here

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