You have got over the various hurdles and have managed to get this far on the skills you have gained.  Now is your big chance, the interviewer may be impressed but you have to convince them that not only is you experience and personality what he is looking for, but he doesn’t need to look at anyone else and therefore should offer you a job!


Closing Questions

When the interview comes to a close, the interviewer will usually ask you if there is anything else you would like to know and/or add, here are some killer questions:


  • What reservations do you have about offering me the job?  This brings out any concerns they have about you i.e.: “you do live quite a distance from the office” can easily be countered with “I have travelled the same distance to work for the last ten years, so I can definitely say travelling is not a problem.”
  • Ask for the Job! Recap your strengths and suitability for the job and that you’re very interested and ask “what is the next step?”


If the interviewer is still not committing enough, offer a ‘free work trial’, this is where you offer to work for free for one-two days.  It gives the interviewer a couple of things 1) the opportunity to try you out 2) show them how committed and keen you are.


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