Some employers still use application forms and more are making them available to download online.  They do this for a number of reasons but may include ease of review if there are a large number of applications or they know where to find some specific information, such as professional qualifications, quickly and easily.

Some key guidelines are:

•    Always print off a few copies first so you can practice completing them.
•    Do not send application forms with errors and/or corrections on.
•    If your handwriting is not great, use capitals.
•    Read the instructions carefully and follow them to the letter.
•    If space is limited, concentrate on areas of your experience that are most relevant.
•    Use black ink.
•    Get someone else to read through your practice application first, get them to be honest with you and also get them to proof read for spelling and grammar.
•    Always keep a copy – and take with you to an interview.
•    Never lie – you will get found out.
•    Take your time.
•    Do not use abbreviations, the person reading the application form may not understand them.

Many of the online job boards/sites have some very good sections on cover letters, preparing and writing CV’s.

Useful Websites:


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