New LinkedIn data shows the staffing industry is growing in both the UK and Ireland, being ranked third on league tables showing sectors with the most year-on-year headcount growth.

The data, released this week, shows the UK staffing industry grew by 13.9% in the three months to September 2015 compared to the same period last year, while the Irish staffing industry grew by 14.8%. 

The top industry, which saw 16.4% growth in the UK and 36.9% in Ireland, was software technology.

Sectors losing headcount included retail & consumer products (-21.5% in the UK and -18.9% in Ireland); telecommunications (-11.2% in the UK and -15.2% in Ireland); and hardware technology (-1.9% in the UK and -19.2% in Ireland).

The research also showed the countries supplying and taking the most professionals to and from the UK and Ireland. 

By percentage of net talent movement, Italy came top of the list for both UK (22.18%) and Ireland (13.22%) businesses. France was in second place for the UK (12.52%), followed by other Europe (10.32%). Latin America came second for firms in Ireland (12.51%), followed by France (10.76%).

And when it comes to UK talent moving abroad, it seems Nigeria holds most opportunity, taking 30.68% of expats. Asia was in second place (17.71%) and South Africa third (13.77%).

For Irish expats, the UK was a strong source of opportunities, taking 58.22%. The United Arab Emirates was in second place (15.96%), followed by North America (14.08%).

The data is based on updates LinkedIn members made to their public profiles in the period. No specific headcount figures were given.

Source: http://www.recruiter.co.uk

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